Earn while you learn by becoming a NECA/IBEW Local 48 apprentice electrician. The five-year, on-the-job NECA/IBEW Local 48 training program conducts the most comprehensive electrical education and safety training in the country.
Attend information orientation on the 3rd Tuesday of each month 4 to 5 PM at the NECA/IBEW Electrical Training Center.

Learn more about the competitive wages and benefits package by visiting:

“Becoming a union electrician is one of the smartest decisions I made. It’s a dream job for people who don’t want to go to college and who like to work with their hands. For the first time I consider work not just a job, but a career. And for the first time I feel I am being fairly paid.”Coleatus T, 3rd Term Apprentice
“Everyday I appreciate how much I look forward to my work. Taking an active roll in interesting jobs from beginning to end is satisfying. I like the hands-on component and the variety, especially now with green building. I take pride in contributing to a better world.”Clayton K, Vancouver, 4-year Journeyman
“Residential remodeling is my preference. Why? You never know what the wiring will look like behind the walls of older homes. Trying to understand logic of previous electricians fascinates me. Being a union electrician is more than a job to me. It’s a satisfying career; it’s an extended family and it’s how I plan to retire.”Eric J, Tualatin, 10-year Journeyman
“After high school, college seemed natural. After switching degrees four times I looked at other options. I found out electrical work paid well and I liked that it involved analytical and mathematical skills. Not racking up more college debt, and earning while learning sealed the deal.”Kelly R, Hillsboro, 4-year Journeyman
“Quality of life is important. Being a union electrician allows me to earn an honest and good living while doing something I enjoy each and every day. I take pride in the quality of my craft and I enjoy the variety it offers. It’s been nine years since I’ve chosen this trade as my career, and looking back I wouldn’t change a thing.”Lisa P, Oregon City, 4-year Journeyman
“In 2003 I worked on my first LEED design build project at the Clackamas Public Service Building. Today designing LEED projects is one of my specialties. Being part of the design team with renowned architects, builders and contractors is an incredibly rewarding experience.”Matt J, Electrical Designer/Estimator LEED AP